The Epic Love Summit

Dr. "Love" Renee Gordon

Single at parties? Lone wolf at weddings? Craving a soulmate to binge-watch with on weekends? Enough with that!

Welcome to the "The Epic Love Summit"! This is YOUR stepping stone towards love that lasts, a love you truly deserve!

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Wednesday, February 14th

11 am to 5 pm Eastern | 8 am to 2 pm Pacific


Our summit is perfect for individuals like you, whose hearts are ripe for a deep, lasting connection. Trust me, as someone who's been in your shoes, the journey to everlasting love is just a virtual summit away!
Through our event, we aim to power you up with the secrets to building self-confidence, understanding personal love languages, improving communication, and creating a harmony between personal and professional life. Let's say bid adieu to lonely nights and say hello to a lifetime of shared moments of love!
And don't worry about the usual headaches of expensive dating services or time-consuming dating apps.

Say Goodbye to Lonely Nights:

Discover the power of effective communication and harmony between personal and professional life, leading to a lifetime of shared moments and a fulfilling love life.

From Single to Soulmates:

Learn actionable strategies to improve your chances of entering quality relationships, setting the stage for a love-filled future beyond the summit.

Create Your Love Blueprint:

Engage in exercises to define the desires of your heart, crafting a clear vision for your ideal relationship and how to achieve it.

Navigate Differences with Ease:

Get expert tips on handling differing love languages, strengthening your relationship through understanding and compromise.

Master Your Love Language:

Uncover the joy and connection of applying love languages in your relationships, enhancing intimacy and understanding with every interaction.

Balance Love and Work Like a Pro:

Gain insights from a couple with 20+ years of experience in balancing personal and professional life, learning to thrive in both without compromise.

Expert Guidance on Self-Love:

Learn from leading love experts on how to cultivate self-love, a foundational step towards securing fulfilling relationships that last a lifetime.

Stay Inspired and In Love:

Discover the secrets behind a 17-year strong marriage, learning to keep the flame alive even amidst the challenges of family and business life.

Unlock the Secrets to Everlasting Love:

Gain exclusive insights into building self-confidence and understanding love languages, transforming your approach to relationships and ensuring a future filled with deep, meaningful connections.

So what say you? Are you ready to break free from the cycle, to open your heart to the possibility of love, companionship, and a lifetime of happiness? If so, it's about time to register for the Global Love and Worthiness summit.

Because let's face it, you deserve a chance at love!

Register now, let's embark on this journey towards love... together!

Meet the Speakers

January Donovan

How to Keep the Romance Alive & Being Excellent Parents

Dr. Renee Gordon

The Quality of Your Relationships Determines the Quality of Your Life

Serena Curran

Gateway to Adventure of Self Love & The Single Life

Kim Groshek

Enrolling, Empowering, and Thriving: Balancing EI and AI (Pause, Time-box, The Shift)

Dr Charlene Smith

Senior Seeking Soulmate: The Master Plan for Finding Meaningful Companionship

Andrea Steigler

The Art of Self-Love and Its Role in Fulfilling Relationships

Maris Segal and Ken Ashby

From Boardrooms to Classrooms, How a Dynamic Duo of 20 Years Keeps Their Relationship Connected!

Elle Ebizadeh

Love Mastery - Calling in "The One" Journey

Heidi Rain & Dug Mcguirk


Register for the Epic Love Summit

Wednesday, February 14th 2024

11 am to 5 pm Eastern / 8 am to 2 pm Pacific